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We have an opening for an independent sales consultant to work remotely.

We have a simple philosophy--if you are skilled at sales, we do not waste your time prospecting.  Rather, we do the marketing and drive inbound calls and appointments for you.


Any calls to our company will immediately disqualify you as we only hire people who follow instructions (below).

You can do this job part-time but you will earn more full time.
You can also do this in conjunction with a similar position as you will read below.

This position is for sales closers. Please DO NOT respond with information about your customer service skills or relationship building skills. This is a one call close as you are speaking to professionals who CONTACT US! We can only hire confirmed CLOSERS as we pay a lot to generate these inbound calls. Tell us your results of being in the top 20% of producers in your previous sales jobs. We will verify that data.

I get a LOT of unqualified resumes. If you are not a SALES PROFESSIONAL, please do not apply. Sales professionals are people who:
• Have taken sales training courses
• Have read books like SPIN Selling or Question-Based Selling
• Are continuous learners

Unless you can confidently state that you are a SALES PROFESSIONAL, have superior sales skills and have been a top performer in your previous sales positions, no need to apply. We spend a ton of money generating all of your leads (you do not prospect) so we can only hire those with proven sales and closing skills.

You must be in front of a PC during business hours, M-F, for this position. In other words, if we email you and we don't get a reply within 60 minutes, you cannot do this position. You must be available.

If you are in front of a PC all day, you could combine this position with already existing work as our inbound calls and emails will come to you sporadically through the day.

Note: Please do not apply if you do not meet above availability condition. If we find that you are not available at least 6 hours daily, we cannot have you continue in the position.

Answer incoming calls, respond to appointments on your calendar and reply to emails. We drive all inquiries to you by heavy emailing, Linkedin advertising and organic SEO. Your job--close our service in a 25-minute conversation - it is a one call close. YOU MUST BE A SUPERIOR AND PROVEN CLOSER (you will need to prove it with a phone sales audition).

AS WE DO ALL THE PROSPECTING at a very significant cost, we cannot waste these inbound contacts from motivated prospects so please only reply if you have a proven track record of closing on the phone at a very high rate. We cannot hire appointment-setters as this position is for proven SALES PROFESSIONALS.

We need a resume. We cannot respond to "call me- I am a great closer."
Email resume to bobrichards at seniorleads dot com

We sell a lead generation service to financial advisors and life agents and previous experience in these fields would be preferred but is not essential. Service is at explained at seniorleads.com. The company has been in business since 2003. This is a permanent position.

Sale is $399, you get $225.

Expect 5 contacts a day - you must close 2 of these at a minimum.
(2/day x 250 days x $225/sale = $112,500 annually with no cold calls)
Our strongest sales consultants are closer to $140,000

Our script is extremely strong. It has been refined over the years with the best ideas of Neil Rackham, Tom Freese, and Robert Cialdini. We have a self-training program (videos, audio recordings, documents). You must be a self-learner.

Best hours to work are 7-4 Pacific time, from your location.

We are adding 1 person now to replace a sales consultant who is making insufficient sales. This is a 1099 position.

Client Confidentiality

Client confidentiality is the principle that an institution or individual should not reveal information about their clients to a third party without the consent of the client or a clear legal reason. SeniorLeads respects this right of our clients, and will never give out personal contact information to a third party without express consent. Comments posted on this site are used with expressed consent, and agreement that personally identifiable information will not be divulged.