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Annuity lead generation providers


The generation of leads in the search to sell annuities is a vital tool in the overall sales technique, as the more leads that are generated and the higher the quality, the more possibilities of closing that lead and creating a sale.


The problem for many annuity agents is that they look too deeply at the apparent ‘miracle sales techniques’ and ‘guaranteed leads’ that are often offered on Internet advertisements, and find in time that these are not what they seem; there is no miracle answer to generating annuity leads, just the overall ability of the individual selling the annuities to do the job.

Think of the business of selling annuities as hitting many singles.  Don't worry about the home runs.  If you are always at bat, you will get your share of home runs.  The key is to always be at bat, contact annuity prospects every day.


There are a number of proven and popular methods of helping to generate leads that are used by sellers in the market, and these take into account the individuality of each separate potential client – let’s take a look at a few of the more successful aids to annuity lead generation.



Looking for annuity lead generation providers


The Internet is a booming business tool, and even in the field of generating annuity leads there are a number of organizations in the net that specialize in this area. Be aware that most firms that generate leads are field marketing organizations (FMO) that require you to write your annuity business with them.  They offer you free leads.  But is the lead free?  If you sell a $100,000 annuity and the FMO that gave you free leads also paid you 1% less in commission than you could have received from another FMO, you may be paying plenty of their annuity leads.  Then there are lead providers that don't distribute any product.  They are simply experts at generating leads for sale.

Try web search, and look in particular at telemarketing outfits that offer a dedicated lead generation service. These people are professionals and know what they are doing – they don’t offer a miracle but a tried and tested method of attracting leads, of reaching the potential client that you need to find. Using easy to use message retrieving systems, these companies have a proven record in the field – read the testimonials and look for names that are well known in the market.

For example, one firm uses an auto dialer to all consumers and play a message.  If the consumer had interest in the message, the consumer presses '1" and is connected to your phone. While at first, this may seem like a dream come true, consider that calls are only placed to people that have not placed themselves on the "do not call" list.  These may be lower quality investors with less money. So make sure you understand the nature of how the leads are generated and how that impacts the quality of the annuity lead.


Consider a direct mail campaign


Direct mail has come a long way from the ‘junk mail’ days of old, and with today’s sophisticated direct mail techniques it is worth considering a direct mail campaign to help generate annuity leads.


Direct mail works by making sure the mail shot goes to potentially interested parties, and not just to addresses at random, and thus enhances the success rate of any campaign. For example, if you mail an offer to people age 60+, that own homes with a household income over $50,000, you are targeting the sweet spot of fixed annuity buyers.With companies out there that focus on direct mail, you can find a supplier who will take on an entire project, designing and writing the mail shot and sending it out to a select list of clients of whom some are almost certain to respond. Each response is a lead, and each lead a potential sale.


If you don’t want to go the full route as above, you can buy lists of potential clients from companies that generate and supply such things, and devise and operate your own direct mail campaign. In general, the professionals are adept at the technique and can provide a cost effective and potentially lucrative annuity lead generation service.


These are just a couple of the many options for marketing yourself, and for generating leads a result. There are no hard and fast rules here, no right or wrong, and trial and error, along with a well-planned campaign on the lines of the above, can prove a very good method of generating annuity leads.


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