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Seminars For Generating High-End, High Conversion Annuity Leads

Annuity selling has come a long way from the times when all it involved was cold calling, appointments and mailers. New concepts in annuity lead generation and follow up are turning around the fortunes of hundreds of annuity selling personnel around the world and you can also utilize the same concepts for generating annuity leads that have an extremely high rate of conversion.

Using lead generators is one of the best ideas ever to hit the annuity sales industry. And we are talking about actual lead generators that get valuable and interested leads and not the ones that force people to provide personal information and contact details at fairs and exhibitions without their being interested. The best way of getting high end leads is to first target an audience that has the inclination and the will to buy annuity (e.g. people age 60+, homeowners, household income $50,000+). And you can locate and identify these groups by providing lead generators like informational booklets and seminars.

Seminars are one of the best places for not just getting high quality annuity leads, but also for closing sales. The trick to getting great annuity leads at seminars is to market yourself as a financial advisor or consultant instead of being an annuity salesperson. By doing this you will address people’s concerns—which are not buying financial products or annuities—but rather saving on taxes, investing wisely, getting good returns and securing their future financially. When you act as a consultant and provide them with solutions (which may include buying annuities), then you help them make an informed and wise decision (all by themselves) instead of forcing your sales pitch or products on them!

Don't have our seminar be about annuities.  Have it be about solutions--saving taxes, gaining financial security.  If your seminar is product-focused, attendees will turn off.  if it's solution-focused, attendees will become clients.

You can get a large audience at your seminar if you offer them valuable, fresh and required information without putting them through your sales pitch. If you have already given them a hint of your breadth of knowledge through educational mailers, booklets or articles, then your chances of getting an interested audience increases even further because you will have already established yourself as an expert and people will flock to get free advice from an expert.

Please do keep in mind that a lot of such “experts” lose all their credibility in these seminars because the salesman in them starts showing through. If you feel that you also will not be able to hold the salesman in you back, then please do not waste your time and effort in conducting the seminar.

A good trick to identify people who are the best annuity sales leads is to ask your audience about the kind of investments that they have already made. People with CDs are prime prospects for selling annuities to and by providing them detailed and unbiased comparison between annuities and CDs, you might end up having a number of converts who will invest their CD money to buy annuities.

Letting your annuity leads know that annuities provide much better rates of return due to tax deferred compounding of interest and allow for withdrawals without penalties might gain you a few customers then and there. To cash in more on CD owners, make sure that you organize your seminars near the end of the financial year, since this is when CDs come up for renewal.
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