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Annuity Leads-- Enjoy More Quality Leads Than You Can Handle

There is no trick to making a lot of money in annuity sales.  Like all sales, it boils down to quality and quantity of annuity leads.  Quantity means that the more people you talk to, the more sales you make. Quality means that the better the quality of prospect and the better the quality of your sales presentation, the higher your closing ratio.

In order to have a lot of annuity prospects, you have two choices.  You can work hard to get them with inefficient tactics like cold calling, networking, relying on referrals, etc. or you can motivate annuity prospects to contact you.
What is Annuity Lead Generation?

Any way you get annuity prospects to contact you is viable: direct mail, flyers in their mail box or on their car windshield, flyers left at senior centers, etc.  There are dozens of viable ways to put a message in front of an annuity prospect and have the prospect respond and as a result, have a constant large flow of annuity leads.  Imagine coming to your office each morning to find ten hot annuity leads in your email--annuity prospects that have contacted you and wait for your reply.

While annuity lead generation is nothing new, it is usually conducted poorly. Fortunately, in 2008, it is now easier and less expensive as you can have annuity leads generated by using the Internet.
How Does Lead Generation Work?

There are agencies that specialize in providing qualified annuity leads to annuity agents. An agency develops a website or affiliates with several websites on which they promote and advertise the benefits or dangers of annuities (it will make sense in a minute why advertising "dangers" works).  A consumer finds these informational web sites and the annuity prospect completes an online request form. This form is submitted to the agency. These annuity leads are then sent via email to you, the annuity professional, with full contact information.

Let's address two issues: the quantity and quality of annuity leads generated.

The most powerful message for an Internet ad is not to offer an annuity quote.  Consumers know that this is just an invitation to be sold and they are averse to filling out quote forms.  You get a far higher response if you offer educational information.  Now let's take this one step further.  Offer educational information, information that if the annuity prospect does not have, it will cost them a lot!  You get more more annuity leads when you offer to alleviate pain or solve a problem than if you offer an opportunity.

For example, Wwhich headline do you think generates more annuity leads:

1. "Cut Your Taxes with a Tax Deferred Annuity"  OR
2. "Avoid the Two Assets that get Double Taxed--and Most Investors Don't Even Know It."
(Headline number 2 refers to annuities and IRAs that are potentially subject to income AND estate tax at death).

The second ad which presents a problem and offers to educate the consumer how to solve it will get 300% as many annuity leads as the first headline.

Now that we have insight into high volume of annuity leads, what about the quality of annuity leads?

Using the Internet solves this problem.  Annuity buyers are mature investors, not youngsters.  Look at the statistics of mature investors on the Internet:


All seniors

Internet Seniors

Under $30,000













Less than High School



High School Graduate



Some College



College Graduate or more



Mature Internet users are the perfect affluent and educated group of annuity prospects.

By having the right ad which appeals to solving a problem and using the right medium, the Internet, you can have a fantastic annuity lead generation system that produces high quantity and high quality of annuity leads.


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