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Annuity Lead Lists-part I

Lists of annuity buyers/owners

No insurance company releases the names of their annuity owners.  So any list that claims to be annuity owners or buyers is really a list of people who meet a specific profile AND may be more likely to buy annuities.  We tested these lists and found no greater propensity for people on these lists to buy annuities than if you simply purchased a list of people age 60+, homeowners, household incomes $50,000+.

We tested all the lists using the same postcards and got from 1% to 1.25% response rate.

So we asked Clarica, a demographics firm. to prepare a list of people who had the highest propensity to buy annuities.

After  we invested the $1,000 for this sample of buyers, we sent these people seminar invitations and we sent them the postcards for an annuity booklet.  We found no greater propensity for these people to be annuity buyers than the basic demographic criteria stated above.

You can do a rigorous search of “annuity buyer” lists but let’s save you the time.  At a cost of $600, we subscribed to the on-line SRDS direct mail list catalog.  This is a listing of every list that you can rent (the catalog can be accessed for free at most MAIN libraries).  We found approximately 11 companies that advertised lists of people who were “annuity buyers.”  In all cases, the list owners was very vague about what that meant.  As best as we could tell from our questions, these annuity buyers were people who met some basic criteria (e.g. were over the age of 55 and had once completed a survey stating that thy were conservative investors) or may have responded to a phone survey asking if they had interest in a list of financial instruments.  These people likely said yes to stocks, bonds, IRAs, annuities and a host of other opportunities (the same company sells the same list as “stock buyers’).

As good or bad as the methodology of the various companies are who advertise these annuity buyer lists, we found these annuity leads to be no better than a list of people age 60+, homeowners, household incomes $50,000+.

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5 thoughts on “Annuity Lead Lists-part I

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  2. Very interesting report about Annuity Lead Lists and what mistakes to prevent.

  3. Davey Rich says:

    What if you could use a system which earns large commissions per sale and will generate leads sort them and have the client call you back wanting to know more? Would that be of interest?

  4. Well done report for annuity leds list in avoiding mistakes.

  5. Well done report on Annuity Lead which is to prevent any risk.

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