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Category: annuity list

Annuity Lead Lists-part I

Published on January 20, 2009 in annuity list by Bob Richards

Lists of annuity buyers/owners No insurance company releases the names of their annuity owners.  So any list that claims to be annuity owners or buyers is really a list of people who meet a specific profile AND may be more likely to buy annuities.  We tested these lists and found no greater propensity for people on Read more...

Our Experience With Annuity Leads Lists Part II

Published on January 16, 2009 in annuity leads, annuity list by Bob Richards

People who have requested non-specific information These are people who have completed a survey at the county fair, a mall, on line, etc in which they expressed information in “investments” or “tax savings.”  As you might guess, these people are no likely to be an annuity lead any better than your deaf grandmom, Bessy. Yet, Read more...