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Using Lead Generators Is The Smartest Way Of Getting Annuity Leads

Annuity lead generation is not an easy task. Most people selling annuities resort to buying leads, but if you have been there and done that, then you would have realized by now that buying cheap annuity leads will never make you rich. Annuity lead generation has become tough because of the huge competition that exists in the market. Every prospect that you might reach out to would already have been bombarded by others selling the same things, as a result of which, you will simply not be entertained. However, by wisely using lead generators, you can get valuable leads that result into high-end annuity sales.

The first and foremost thing to consider is the target audience that you are reaching out to. Most firms collecting annuity leads simply collect a database of people in a certain age group. But this is simply no criteria for selection of people who might need or buy annuities. At the outset only, decide who your target audience is, what is their age bracket, monthly household income and socio-economic profile. This would help you create a message that is tailored for your audience, making them more likely to sit up and take notice.

Once you have narrowed down your target market, you will need to decide what path to follow. While conventional annuity sellers collect demographics and make cold calls, savvy annuity selling professionals nowadays use lead generators to get access to a database of leads that have high chances of converting into sales.

Lead generators are generally products or services that you advertise, in place of the annuities that you are selling. Once the prospect takes up the offer of the lead generator, you gather all his contact information and quickly become the owner of a list that has an extremely high percentage of conversions.

A major advantage of using lead generators is that most people have become bored with annuity selling ads. As a result, they simply ignore them, but this is not the case with lead generators. Instead of advertising your product, which is annuity, you advertise the lead generator, which could be an informational manual or booklet about annuities, a free consultation with a retirement income expert or a retirement income calculator that calculates retirement income with and without different financial products attached. Most people would jump at the chance of getting valuable financial help and advice for free. But, you will also be saved from generating leads that are not interested in buying or using financial products.

To generate relevant annuity sales leads, you can start by making people aware of your free “lead generator” through emails. Build a directory of people who show interest in your product and mail it to them as soon as possible. Make sure that your product is unique, helpful, professional, good looking and offers value to the customer. Most importantly, it should not be a sales pitch at all.

After your product has been delivered to your prospect, you can give them a call and ask them if they are interested in buying annuities. Even better, make them feel that your aim is not to sell anything, but rather to help them with their financial planning. Your leads will definitely feel more inclined to buy if they realize the need for buying annuities instead of having the need thrust down their throat through incessant sales pitching.

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