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Category: annuity leads

Breakthrough in Converting Annuity Leads

Published on November 16, 2014 in annuity leads by Bob Richards

In marketing, there is always a big discussion about which is more effective: direct marketing or branding. Let's make sure we understand the difference between the two and use that in converting annuity leads. Branding vs Direct Marketing for Obtaining and Converting Annuity Leads Any type of lead generation is direct marketing. You either have Read more...

Success or Failure: How to Properly Generate Annuity Leads

Published on November 10, 2014 in annuity leads by Bob Richards

Every annuity agent should know about the most common misconceptions surrounding annuity leads. If you can not tackle and dismantle these, generating leads becomes difficult. One of the most common misconceptions about annuities is that they are too expensive. Others believe annuities are too difficult and too confusing to understand. And some even believe that annuities are only sold to Read more...

How Top Producers Generate Annuity Leads Now

Published on June 18, 2014 in annuity leads by Bob Richards

Here's a brief video summarizing 5 annuity lead generating methods working right now   If you want more detail on getting annuity leads, then you can download the Full Report Tags Annuity Leads | Annuity Leads Producers | Top Annuity Leads Generator | Financial Advisor Leads | Financial Planning Leads

Innovative Ways to Generate Annuity Leads

Published on February 23, 2009 in annuity leads by Bob Richards

If you’re in annuity sales, you already know that you need to have annuity leads that will generate sales to stay in business.  Some of these leads will come from traditional advertising, but if you rely on advertising alone to generate annuity leads for your business, you’ll miss some opportunities as different people pay attention Read more...

How to convert annuity leads into annuity sales

Published on January 21, 2009 in annuity leads, annuity sales by Bob Richards

No matter how you generate annuity leads, the prospect is not dying to buy an annuity.  That’s what selling is all about.  Uncovering the prospect’s desires and matching those desires with your product or service.  You do that by asking questions, not by talking about the features and benefits of annuities. Most agents can’t sell. They Read more...

Our Experience With Annuity Leads Lists Part II

Published on January 16, 2009 in annuity leads, annuity list by Bob Richards

People who have requested non-specific information These are people who have completed a survey at the county fair, a mall, on line, etc in which they expressed information in “investments” or “tax savings.”  As you might guess, these people are no likely to be an annuity lead any better than your deaf grandmom, Bessy. Yet, Read more...

Annuity Lead Systems

Published on January 14, 2009 in annuity leads by Bob Richards

If you have read the previous posts on generating annuity leads and buying annuity lead lists, you now know what to ask before buying someone's annuity lead system: 1. how are the leads generated 2. did the prospects get talked into it or did they respond of their own initiative 3. what offer did they respond to—was it Read more...

Best Annuity Leads

Published on December 27, 2008 in annuity leads by Bob Richards

Find out which gender, which age, which income segment of people are your best annuity buyers at Javelin Marketing Downloads.  Get your copy of the data. Tags Best Annuity Leads | Annuity Leads | Financial Advisor Leads | Financial Planning Leads

Free Annuity Leads!

Published on November 25, 2008 in annuity leads by Bob Richards

Sounds good.  But have you ever heard the saying "there's no such thing as a free lunch?"  If the saying holds true, then either the free annuity leads aren't worth much or there is a cost you don't know about.  Let's look at both possibilities. If someone is willing to give you free leads, ask about Read more...