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Client Letters

SeniorLeads Client Letters

"Jeff, these leads are really good! It can obviously be a little hard to get people to answer the phone, but when they do, they are happy to talk to you and they have no difficulty remembering that they requested the booklet. Chances are, that if you... Read Full Comment"

- Lance A. Hurricane, UT

"This lead generation program is like none other...qualified leads show up daily ready to be contacted...with over 15 years in the advisory business this is the best program of its kind I have found."

- William W., Charlottesville, VA

"SeniorLeads's program is fantastic, and has done wonders for my business. It has provided me with a proven lead source that works, where the prospects are interested in finding out more when I call. This enables me to set-up appointments with minimal... Read Full Comment"

- Barney C., Fremont, CA

"Since I began the leads program in September I have met with 6 qualified prospects of which 3 became clients with investment portfolios of more that $500,000 each. I feel the future of the rest of the my leads is bright. Without a doubt, I have more ... Read Full Comment"

- Walter P., Summit, NJ

"I had used your services last summer after returning to personal production after 3 years in management. The ease of your system and the "exclusive" aspect of the lead for the price was an immediate attraction. I only kept the service for initiating ... Read Full Comment"

- Joe D., Boston, MA

"I have been using the system not even a month yet, and received over 20 leads... have set up 2 appointments and have met with one of the two clients already. This client has investable cash of 60K that needs to be repositioned...plan to present my al... Read Full Comment"

- Walt F., Marietta, GA

"Just wanted to let you know how fruitful our lead generation program with your firm has turned out to be. We have already closed 6 new annuity cases that have generated over $52,000 in commissions for us. Now that's an ROI that I can look forward too... Read Full Comment"

- James M., Melville, NY

"I have received 6 prospects and have made 3 appointments. Two have been unavailable and one is being 'dripped on' to keep interest for a later time. My appointment ratio is at 50%. I have met with one prospect and will return with Life insurance quot... Read Full Comment"

- Sarah M., Space Coast, FL

"I am very happy with the professional handling of the lead system. The booklets are professionally written and make a great impression. I have had 31 leads and set 5 appointments so far."

- Garry S., Huron, OH

"The lead generation program has proved some amazing results! I have received 21 leads in the first two weeks. I am already setting appointments through the end of the month. Sending out the booklet makes them feel like they are being contacted by a f... Read Full Comment"

- Aaron, Las Vegas, NV

"How is the lead system working for me? I was very skeptical of the lead program at first. However, I was running into a lot of dead ends and figured that I had nothing to lose by trying out the program. I am also very concerned about the future of co... Read Full Comment"

- Robert, White Plains, NY

"[SeniorLeads] has not only provided me with an exceptional amount of prospects in a short time, but the prospects are of a high quality. I have been working the program as my [SeniorLeads] consultant has suggested, and have closed sales within two we... Read Full Comment"

- Thomas G., Brandon, MS

"I have been using [SeniorLeads] since last spring. I recently ran 3 lead programs simultaneously. A direct mail/appt setting program. Cost $85 per appointment. A telemarketing company calling off their own list, cost $110 per appointment, and [Senior... Read Full Comment"

- Wayne, Glenarm, IL

"It's easy for me to write something about the [SeniorLeads] program as I feel it is valuable. I have received practical and useful information with regards to how to call the leads and how to follow up as well. What a good opportunity to learn from l... Read Full Comment"

- Paul, Las Vegas, NV

"We began the .... program... not knowing exactly what to expect so, we requested the largest available radius. I had no idea so many Seniors were on the Internet. I begrudgingly reduced our radius for the second time. We have so many senior leads tha... Read Full Comment"

- Thomas, Novi, MI

"The lead generation program has paid for itself many times over. We are receiving two to three leads a day of qualified affluent seniors. We have received 23 leads in the last 30 days, five appointments and three over $300,000 in annuity sales alone.... Read Full Comment"

- Lochainn, Willoughby Hills, OH

"I would like to make over $1,000,000 net the next three years and that is my goal...Thus far, I am very pleased with the response I am receiving from the prospects as I never expected it to be this enjoyable. I sincerely hope it continues so that I c... Read Full Comment"

- Martin G. Port Saint Lucie, Fl

"On the first day of leads, I was able to meet a prospect who became a client. We were able to help him to stop his losses and had a $159,000 annuity sale."

- Don, Thousand Oaks, CA

"As a new Financial Adviser getting started in the business the hardest part of this job is having enough qualified people to see on a weekly basis. The program substantially cuts down the need to cold call random people with no desire to buy from a c... Read Full Comment"

- Javier, Pelham, NY

"I have used SeniorLeads for over a year and have had some very successful appointments as a result. Following a simple program of mailing the requested material and following up with a non-invasive phone call often leads to an appointment. From numer... Read Full Comment"

- Dale, Edgewater, MD

"I just started with [SeniorLeads] and at first it was hard to really get in the groove. I must say that after a couple of weeks of trying, things are going very well. I have had 3 leads today alone. These are great leads because they are welcoming pe... Read Full Comment"

- Summer, Las Vegas, NV

"I just recently expanded my area for the email leads. My average ticket is around $75,000 to $200,000. This program is a great compliment to all the other great marketing systems that [SeniorLeads] has to offer."

- Robbie, Daytona Beach, Florida

"I believe any producing agent, if they follow the SeniorLeads System, will find it can produce as many “warm” prospects as they want. Within four weeks of subscribing, I made enough commission to pay all of my prospecting expenses for a year. The... Read Full Comment"

- James, Portland, OR

"The SeniorLeads program has helped me build a local mailing list...so far it has... resulted in one new client, a good one. That client has given me one referral......who has (also) become a very good client."

- John, Plymouth, MI

"Out of the recent 50 leads, I have had two successful appointments, which generated a total of $8000 commision. Additionally, I have two prospects who have scheduled appointments with me. The lead program has given me a good return on marketing dolla... Read Full Comment"

- CR, NYLife, KY

"I have received 57 prospects this month and I have 8 appointments set up so far. I have 10 others that I have not been able to talk to directly that could develop into a face-to-face meeting. Of this group there are 3 people looking at purchasing an ... Read Full Comment"

- Steed R., Durham, NC

"I specialize in Retirement Savings Plans and have worked about 19 of your leads to date. Well, I just landed an annuity account valued over $160,000. Well worth my investment with SeniorLeads! I plan on continuing to utilize your senior lead service."

- Stewart, Lansdale, PA

Client Confidentiality

Client confidentiality is the principle that an institution or individual should not reveal information about their clients to a third party without the consent of the client or a clear legal reason. SeniorLeads respects this right of our clients, and will never give out personal contact information to a third party without express consent. Comments posted on this site are used with expressed consent, and agreement that personally identifiable information will not be divulged.