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Social Security Leads

Social Security Leads

Use our booklet at no extra cost or your own literature

The most searched for term on the Internet by people age 60+ is “social security.” Does it make sense to be found where people look? Click here to see the ad. Attracting people with Social Security consulting is easy – something you can learn in just a couple days.

These prospects request the booklet "How to Maximize Your Social Security”. Once you gain trust by helping them with their biggest concern, these social security leads are candidates for managed accounts, mutual funds, ETFs, insurance and all other financial products.

Not names off some list; they are already motivated as they requested the booklet through their own Internet search. All you do is send the booklet, and then follow up with the prospect by phone per the instructions we provide you.

Because these Social Security Consulting prospects will have already received your booklet, you will find the call to set an appointment a warm call (People tend to give credibility to items in writing and the professionals who supply them). You will be treated as an expert and not as a salesperson when you follow our instructions that you receive when you register for the SeniorLeads service.

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