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Best Annuity Leads are NOT People looking for Annuities

It's unfortunate that too many annuity agents and advisors do not distinguish sales from marketing.  As a consequence, they do not generate or cultivate the best annuity leads.

Marketing is about communicating that you can solve your prospects' problems.  That communication never needs to or should mention the product. Rather, marketing should communicate payoffs:

  • have a more comfortable retirement
  • have 50% more retirement income
  • no need to worry about running our of money

Of course, all of these goals can be helped with the ownership of annuities.  But if the agent promotes annuities in his marketing, rather than leaves any mention to the sales phase, he will alienate his best annuity leads.


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One thought on “Best Annuity Leads are NOT People looking for Annuities

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