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I have used SeniorLeads for over a year and have had some very successful appointments as a result. Following a simple program of mailing the requested material and following up with a non-invasive phone call often leads to an appointment. From numerous sales, one over $1,000,000, I have picked up over $2,000,000 of new money from these prospects. Most importantly I am in position to provide financial services for a good number of new clients for years to come. [SeniorLeads] is easy to work and very supportive in providing help when needed. I highly recommend you give it a try.

- Dale, Edgewater, MD

Dale knows how to schedule appointments. He makes a "non-invasive" call. He does not assume that the prospect wants to buy or even has interest. As we teach in the training materials, he uses a system to engage their interest and make friends, in less than 2 minutes. Once the prospect's guard is down, they are more willing to answer questions so that you can find their motivation. Once you know what motivates your prospects, it's easy to schedule appointments. search terms: schedule appointments

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Client confidentiality is the principle that an institution or individual should not reveal information about their clients to a third party without the consent of the client or a clear legal reason. SeniorLeads respects this right of our clients, and will never give out personal contact information to a third party without express consent. Comments posted on this site are used with expressed consent, and agreement that personally identifiable information will not be divulged.