Increase Radius


Increase Radius Beyond 300,000 Population
and Remove Daily Cap

This is a modification to the original agreement I signed with SeniorLeads and all original terms apply. 

This option to increase my radius is available to me once I have received and paid for my first 50 prospects.

I understand that Seniorleads may not grant large increases in my radius at one time.  For example, to increase my radius from 10 to 50 miles, Seniorleads may limit the increase from 10 miles to 25 miles in week one then 25 to 50 miles in week two.

The original Seniorleads agreement stated that I would not receive more than 5 prospects per day.

However, I desire to receive more than 5 prospects per day,  increase the geographic area for my leads, and obtain more leads.  Seniorleads cannot cap my lead flow when I select this option to remove any daily cap on leads.  I agree to pay for all leads matching my selected radius and prospect types.

I also acknowledge that any changes I make to my account will not be effective until the upcoming Thursday at 9 pm Pacific as my ads are placed and paid for by SeniorLeads in advance.

I further acknowledge the following:

I have used Seniorleads before today and have found that the service is as described  

I have received prospects from Seniorleads and I am satisfied with the lead quality  

I understand that this agreement requests Seniorleads to spend money on advertising on my behalf, and that once spent, Seniorleads cannot recover those funds. This is a service and not a tangible item that can be returned - there can be no returns/refunds  

Should my credit card become unchargeable at any time, prior to the upcoming Thursday at 9 pm Pacific, I agree to pay for all leads received that match my selected radius and prospect types received until the upcoming Thursday at 9 pm Pacific.

My selected central zip code is:  

My selected radius is:   Because zip code targeting on the internet is NOT EXACT, you may receive some leads up to 10 miles outside of your selected radius (does not apply to Option B, exact zip code option).

I understand that the web site displays the amount of population in my selected radius and if the population is above 250,000, I will likely receive more than 5 leads per day.

I acknowledge that the terms and conditions put forth in the initial Service Agreement remain the same.

Credit Card Holder Name:   

Email adress on Seniorleads account:  

Name on SeniorLeads account IF Different than card holder name:




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