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How to Sell Annuities

The market for selling annuities is massive and, potentially, extremely lucrative. Consider the millions of people who retire each year, and have surplus funds that they want to invest, or those that become wealthy early and want to make sure their funds are used to grow, not decline in value.

But the methods of selling annuities is not set in stone, there are a number of different proven ways of selling annuities and many that should be considered. Let's look at some of the more popular, and how they work.

Direct Mail

Direct mail works by targeting potentially interested parties, and not just to addresses at random, by using lists generated by direct mail specialists.

These lists contain only people or organisations that will be interested in particular products or services – in this case, annuities.

Selling annuities in this way is a proven method of generating leads, and with companies out there that focus on direct mail campaigns, you can be sure to find a campaign supplied by a company that will not only mail your offer to the chosen clients, but design and process the entire project.

Direct mail is a long way from the ‘junk mail’ days of old, with modern technology allowing the most sophisticated selection techniques, but if you don’t want to do it that way, you can buy lists of potential clients from companies that generate and supply them, run your own direct mail campaign.

Drip marketing

Increasing the intensity of the direct mail marketing method can also increase the success, and this becomes known as ‘drip marketing’. Drip marketing is a the repetitive sending of direct mail to the same clients; make sure your mail drop is high quality, and target the same addresses over and over again with a series of cards. Each time they receive the message – and it must be done at least three times – it will subliminally be taken on board, and even if the card is simply thrown away, the repetition element is important in cementing the image.  A great tool is a monthly insurance newsletter with annuity articles.

Once the mail drop has been done it is important to remember to follow up your campaign; a quick telephone call to each of those on the mail drop list, making sure they received the card and asking if they are interested will elicit a response in some cases that may not have been forthcoming otherwise.

Lead generation

In the field of generating leads there are a number of organisations on the net that specialise in this area, and a web search will give you a list of the more popular of these, and most likely one that can offer potential annuity clients.

Telemarketing professionals know what they are doing, and they don’t offer a miracle but a proven method of attracting leads, and of reaching the potential client that you need to find.

The method is simple to use, and picking up your potential leads is as simple as retrieving a message on the cell phone. It’s also an efficient method, too, as the leads generated are sure to be interested in what you have to sell.


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