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Javelin Marketing: Selling Annuities II

There are potentially millions of people who may want to purchase annuities, from the recently retired to the fortunately wealthy, and with such a lucrative market it is important to remember that nothing is set in stone; there are a number of different proven ways of selling annuities and many that should be considered. Let's look at some of the more popular, and how they work.

Lead generation

There are numerous telemarketing companies that can help in finding you potential customers by providing a professional lead generating service. They look at the service you are providing, deduce the clients most likely to be interested in your product, and send them a message offering the service that you provide – in this case annuities.

This is a simple and effective method of generating annuity leads, and leads are essentially potential sales waiting to happen. Look on the web for telemarketing organizations, and you will find a cost effective and simple method of marketing your product.

Direct Mail

Direct mail works by targeting potentially interested parties, and not just to addresses at random, by using lists generated by direct mail specialists.

These lists contain only people or organizations that will be interested in particular products or services – in this case, annuities.  Your best demographic is females, age 60+.

Selling annuities in this way is a proven method of generating leads, and with companies out there that focus on direct mail campaigns, you can be sure to find a campaign supplied by a company that will not only mail your offer to the chosen clients, but design and process the entire project.

Direct mail is a long way from the ‘junk mail’ that it once was considered as, and is now a technologically advanced method of selecting the right potential client for the right service. However, if you don’t want to do it that way, you can buy lists of potential clients from companies that generate and supply them, run your own direct mail campaign.

Drip marketing  - the repetitive sending of direct mail Or email) to the same prospects, making sure your mail drop is high quality, and targeting the same addresses over and over again – is an effective way of hammering the message home.

Each time they receive the message – and for the best effects it must be five or more – it will subliminally be taken on board, even if the card is simply thrown away or email deleted. The repetition element is important in cementing the image, and once the mail drop has been done it is important to remember to follow up your campaign; a quick telephone call to each of those on the mail drop list, making sure they received the card and asking if they are interested will elicit a response in some cases that may not have been forthcoming otherwise.  The same can be accomplished dripping with an insurance newsletter.

The above are just some of the methods of selling annuities, and with time and experience you will be sure to develop many more of your own using these guidelines and ideas.


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