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How To Get Good Quality Annuity Leads

Selling annuities can be quite profitable, provided you know whom to sell to and how to sell. Most people view the annuity selling business as a gamble because getting annuity leads that work is actually one. When you buy annuity leads for money, you can get amazing leads that lead to a high percentage of sales. On the other hand, you might end up buying annuity sales leads that have a conversion rate of one per cent or less. By managing to get quality annuity leads, you can end up earning excellent commissions. So how do you go about generating annuity leads that convert into customers? Our step by step guide here will help you get good annuity sales leads easily.

Know Your Target Market: If you are already into the annuity selling business, then you might have a good idea about the demographics of people who are buying annuities. Seniors form a major portion of the people who invest in annuities, but simply buying a list of names and addresses of people over 60 does not qualify as a lead list. Define your prospects in terms of age, monthly household income, geographical location, occupational profile, and ownership of financial products etcetera if you want to generate quality sales leads.

Choose Your Medium Wisely: Once you have identified your prospects, the next step is to find a place or a medium through which you can reach out to them. Do you think all your prospects surf the internet for products and advice? Or are they living in small communities where everybody swears by the local rag? Do all of them live in certain particular areas where you might hold educational seminars for collecting leads? Advertise through the medium that you think your prospects are most likely to use. You can also try a combination of mediums based on your marketing strategy and budget

Create A Powerful Message: The common man is bombarded with hundreds of advertising and marketing messages everyday. If you want your adverts to catch your target audience’s attention, you will have to think of something that is different and customized. Offering something of value to your customers or a lead generator can come in handy for collecting quality leads. When you use a lead generator, you offer your prospects something like a free financial counseling session or a free booklet on managing funds (e.g. How To Buy The Best Possible Annuity, How To Manage Your Funds Post Retirement etcetera) based on the demographics of your target audience.

This would establish you as an expert and people would come to you to buy annuities instead of you running after them to sell. But you will have to make sure that your lead generator offers valuable information instead of being an ad for your product. On the other hand, you can also directly advertise your annuity product as long as the message you choose is powerful and compelling.
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