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Please acknowledge that you have carefully read the complete agreement and acknowledge these major features:

  1. SeniorLeads guarantees that every prospect will have a valid name, working phone number, and deliverable postal address or we will provide a replacement as we do not provide refunds. In addition to duplicates, these are only 3 reasons for which leads are replaced.

  2. This is a continuous service not designed to be turned off and on. There is a pause feature available after 30 days and you can cancel your account the 1st or 3rd Thursday of the month. Once we provide your first 12 leads, we will AUTOMATICALLY CHARGE your card for the next 10 leads and that cycle will repeat whenever your balance is $0.

  3. It is your responsibility to manage your lead flow. We do not control the number of leads you receive.  We explain the six ways to manage your lead flow in a training video and in your back office.

  4. Client service is provided electronically by submitting a ticket at  Phone service is provided at an extra cost.  Please do not request a call from client services unless you pay the extra cost for phone support as explained in your back office.

  5. This is a summary the complete agreement  which you already signed and supersedes any discussion you had with your sales consultant.

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