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ProspectMatch:Mortgage Protection Leads to Sell Annuities

You already know that one of the most challenging aspects of selling annuities is finding qualified leads to pitch your products to.  Cheap lists of leads rarely pan out to actual clients, but prospecting individual leads can take so much time that it cuts into your profits.  One relatively unexploited avenue is using mortgage protection leads to sell annuities.

With the current economic recession, people are worried that they may lose their jobs.  They want to make sure that the mortgage is paid and they aren’t left homeless in this situation, so they purchase a mortgage protection plan – another form of insurance – to make sure their bills are paid in case of job loss, disability or death.  In recent years, many annuity agents have found that mortgage protection leads have resulted in some of their best clients to sell annuities.  But what makes these leads stand out among others?

• Someone who purchases mortgage protection wants to make sure their family is taken care of if something happens to them.  These types of people are often very receptive to hearing about other financial products that guarantee specific returns.

• Homeowners usually have the financial ability to invest in annuities or other retirement plans – more so than renters, who may be living paycheck to paycheck.

• Purchasing a home and taking out a mortgage protection policy indicates a certain level of financial responsibility.  Therefore, these leads are more likely to be interested in planning for retirement or for dire circumstances.

However, the real trick is that once you get the lead, you have to convert a person who indicated an interest in mortgage protection insurance into an annuity buyer.  During your initial consultation with one of these leads, there are several questions you can ask to encourage this change in thinking, such as:

• Do you feel that you are fully prepared if you become disabled, laid off or unable to work?

Mortgage protection only pays the mortgage, so how will you handle other bills?  The guaranteed returns of an annuity can be a great way to assist with these expenses if you aren’t able to work for any reason.

• Do you currently have a life insurance policy, and, if so, is it earning you the biggest possible benefit?

People who are concerned about their homes are likely also concerned about their families and spouses.  If they have purchased a life insurance policy, they may be able to earn a higher rate of return on the investment producing an annuity sale.

• Do you have additional income or savings that you’d like to grow tax-deferred?

Homeowners and professionals and who have already maxed out their 401K and IRA contributions may be sitting on substantial savings that could benefit from the tax-deferred aspect of an annuity.  If they’re interested in protecting their homes, they should also be interested in protecting their savings.

But where can you find these leads?  There are many companies that offer mortgage protection leads.  If you’re part of a big financial firm, you may be able to get leads from another division of the same company.  If you’re an independent annuity agent, consider forming a partnership with a mortgage protection agent to share business and leads for your mutual benefit.  If you aren’t able to set up a partnership or share leads within your company, try searching online for lists of these leads for additional annuity sales.


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7 thoughts on “ProspectMatch:Mortgage Protection Leads to Sell Annuities

  1. Mika says:

    The essential aspect you'll want to see is the exclusivity of a lead. Some mortgage lead sellers will resell leads, and that makes it much harder to establish a relationship with a likely client if they are accepting calls from a few other brokers as well. Good exclusive mortgage leads should be dealt to you only, and will not be sold to anyone else. Therefore, you can take your opportunity in getting to know and determine the client's needs, and the closing averages can improve by this obvious requirement alone.

  2. FHA Home Purchase Leads says:

    Normally first time home buyers use FHA home purchase leads to purchase new home. For those owners who are facing some financial difficulties this is the best program that can be used for loan modification. FHA home purchase leads have some guidelines and the guidelines that should get the help you need. FHA home purchase leads saves time and ensures that you and all other applicants receive consistent treatment. If you are interested in an FHA home purchase leads you may sure that you have received complete requirements. You are also required to follow certain rules, regulations and other guidelines. This is a critical step to help those who are struggling for their bad credit and have no funds to buy a house. You fill out all forms properly due to meet the requirements of lenders and banks.

  3. Javelin Marketing:Mortgage Protection Leads to Sell Annuities « Javelin Marketing Wordpress Blog says:

    [...] to source: Javelin Marketing:Mortgage Protection Leads to Sell Annuities Explore posts in the same categories: [...]

  4. I agree with Mika... all these leads that are being sold have usually been used many times before. More than likely a lead that you buy has been sold to someone else before, which i think is completely useless.
    Who wants to bother these people who have been contacted many times before and obviously not going to buy.

  5. Houston Mortgage says:

    In addition to exclusivity is the method in which the lead was generated. Many of the online marketing responses are driven by individuals who didn't realize they were signing up as a lead. Generally exclusive leads cost more than non exclusive, and therefore can be very costly if the methods to generate them are not fully disclosed to the client.


  6. delete my mortgage says:

    Purchasing mortgage protection and life insurance is thinking ahead and planning in case the worse was to happen as you cannot foresee what could happen in the next 10, 20 or even 30 years (nobody expects the financial crash to be this severe). Mortgage protection can include a policy feature that pays off the remaining mortgage when someone on the mortgage policy dies which sounding decrepit can be a good thing; it helped my mum when my dad passed away.

  7. CouponCodesHero says:

    Great info here for those looking at mortgage protection and life insurance. To help you save money visit us at CouponCodesHero try great new apps provide services. Lyft, UberEATS, Drizly, and more!

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