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Annuity Marketing

An annuity marketing firm will help in selling annuities to investors. There are innumerable firms across the country who help insurance companies and their agents to sell annuities. These wholesalers or distributors are referred to as independent marketing organizations or field marketing organizations or master general agents. Let us find out what are the annuity marketing tools and methodologies that are used.

The first step in annuity marketing is to target the database that lies with the company or acquire a database of potential annuity buyers. Insurance companies and their agents use software applications that segregate this database based upon various parameters. Some of these parameters can be the age of the person, sex, annual income and whether the individual already has an annuity with the company. After the first filtering down of data, the sales agents of the company start speaking to the prospects explaining the various products that may suit their financial requirements.

The annuity agents spend more time with prospects who show a first level interest in any product offered by the company. Once the first level of telephonic conversations is done, the agents go and visit the prospects in person. In this meeting they make a powerful pitch of the various annuity products offered and suggest a few which may actually benefit the customer’s financial planning goals.  Once the prospect is convinced that a particular annuity product suits their requirement they may choose to buy the product. In a no-sale scenario, the sales agent will drip on the prospect with an annuity newsletter, thereby keeping the relationship warm and connect back with the prospect after few months to a year. As we know the financial requirement of an individual changes over time. So a product which may not be relevant today can have relevance for the individual after a year. But if the agent does not keep in touch, if their annuity marketing does not include dripping, they have foolishly lost the value of the initial contact.

Marketing and sales are two different processes. In marketing annuity sellers try to attract the client’s to buy their products while in the sales process the annuity seller will typically try to hard sell a product to a prospect. For marketing annuity products companies adopt different mechanisms such as media, print and Internet advertising and offer seminar support to agents.  Few other approaches are publishing letters and press releases.

Flyers and inserts in newspapers are another good mechanism to publicize an annuity product or seminar. We may have seen college students distributing flyers at busy malls announcing the launch of an annuity product from any of the leading insurers. Information booklets also serve as a great tool to disseminate information about annuity products to prospects. These annuity marketing offers can be offered via newspaper ads (local senior publications are quite cost effective), direct mail or an internet based annuity lead system. These annuity booklets can contain valuable information on how to plan ones financial future or how to secure your financial requirements after retirement. There is no one marketing tool which can be perfect. Companies and agents use one tool or a combination of marketing tools which they feel will be the most effective to achieve their business goals.


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3 thoughts on “Annuity Marketing

  1. I think this is the most valuable part that I take away from this article "So a product which may not be relevant today can have relevance for the individual after a year. But if the agent does not keep in touch, if their annuity marketing does not include dripping, they have foolishly lost the value of the initial contact." and I feel that in many cases this is where annuity agents or any sales person for that matter often falls down in their campaigns. Great information for all those who want to get ahead and for those looking for assistance you want someone with a genuine interest in their business as well as your welfare.

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