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What if I can't use any of your

Mature investors will see an advertisement that offers one or more booklets
of the several that we offer. You need to be prepared to send what they request.
However, if your firm insists you use their materials, then do it. Here's your
second option: Once you become a SeniorLeads client, you have access to the
source files of our booklets enabling you to modify the booklet any way your
firm desires. Using our follow-up scripts, you can convert these prospects
to clients no matter if you use your materials or our materials.

Can I email them a booklet?

Yes, we have an electronic version available in
the Back Office. However, the physical booklet customized
with your picture and information makes a much better impression than
email. We still live in an era where something physical, something in print,
gets more credibility than something that arrives via email. When the prospect
receives the physical booklet with your name, photo, and credentials on the
front cover, it has impact. It positions you as an expert.

I have my own literature or booklets. Can I send that instead of your booklet?



How many prospects will I get?

There is no way to tell in advance but you have control. The size of the radius you select and the density of population in your area determine the number of prospects you receive. You will get more prospects in New York City than you will in Iowa. You pay only for the prospects you receive.

What if I get too many prospects?

You can adjust your radius and or prospect types
to control the number of prospects you receive. There are many ways to control your lead flow


Have the booklets been FINRA reviewed?

Seven of booklets have FINRA Review letters.
These are provided to you when you register. If you would like to get the other booklets FINRA reviewed, you are free to do so through your broker dealer and we will pay the FINRA review fee. when we receive a copy of the review letter.

My broker/dealer does not let me send email. Can
I still use your program?
Yes.  Do not turn on the automatic sending of the booklets or email autoresponder module.

How do I get the prospects?

They come to you via email as a convenience but do not rely on email as email is fallible. We store all of your prospect contact information for in an on-line account and we urge you to check your account (log into your Back Office) at least
every other day, as email is inherently unreliable and
we don't want you to miss any prospects. We can also send you a text.


Can I download the prospects so I can easily import them into my database or contact manager?

Yes. The system allows you to download your prospects
in a format that is readable by most database, spreadsheet
and contact management software. There is also a way to connect directly to your CRM.

There are prospects already
waiting in my zip codes. How are these handled?

When you first
begin the matching service, the prospects you receive on signup have been
waiting for materials 7 days or less. Thereafter, we post your prospects directly
to your online account (and you get a courtesy email notification), often within
3 minutes of the prospect submitting their request. Any prospect that we can't
match to an advisor within 7 days is automatically removed from our system.

Do you guarantee the quality of your prospects?

While we do not have details about net worth,
investment motivation, or age of each prospect, we advertise
to secure mature prospects that most advisors would find
to be desirable investors and insurance buyers. SeniorLeads
guarantees that every prospect will have a valid name,
working phone number, and deliverable postal address
we will give credit by providing another prospect.
You acknowledge that some prospects will be more desirable
than others and some will be more motivated than others.
SeniorLeads CANNOT guarantee that the prospects provided
will result in sales, new clients, or any other desired


What about duplicate prospects? If a prospect signs up for the same booklet three times, do I get charged three times?

If the same person enters the same information
more than once in a 6 month period, you will not be
charged again for the same prospect.

What if I am dissatisfied with the service? Can I get my money back?

You pay only for the prospects you receive. You
may cancel the service on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, but any prospects
you have already paid for are not refundable. If you cancel, you will be charged
for any prospects received but not billed up until the
point you cancel. The $299 signup is not refundable, as this is used to fund
your initial advertising campaign and ensure exclusivity.

I don't have a computer or I'm not comfortable dealing with the prospects in email or downloading them. Can you just send me the prospects on labels?

Sorry, no. This service is all web-based and probably isn't for you.


Aren't mature people on the Internet just looking for coupons?

Mature consumers (age 65+) comprise 13% of the US population but only 4% of the Internet population. Meaning—the poor seniors who cannot afford a computer or Internet connection or mentally slow seniors are NOT on the Internet. Those seniors on the Internet are the cream—they are wealthier and better educated.

While 47% of all seniors are married, a whopping 74% of
Internet-using seniors are married. Meaning—they
probably had two incomes during their working years and
have higher savings and net worth. They have two pensions
and two IRAs. They buy two LTC policies. They potentially
get two inheritances from their parents. Married people
create more business for a financial advisor.

How do I receive credit for a bad prospect?

To obtain a replacement
prospect, you must notify us within 30 days of receiving
a prospect that does not meet our guarantee.
You must use the online credit request system to make
your credit requests. This is explained in a video at https://seniorleads.com/training

Why are there are no prospects showing in my zip codes?

Here's how this works. We run thousands of advertisements
on the Internet daily, but only in zip codes where we have
an advisor registered for prospects. We refresh our zip code
advertising list every 10 days-and we ONLY advertise in
zip codes where we have advisors registered for prospects.
So if you see
no prospects, then there are no advisors yet registered for
these zip codes. It can take up to a week before you
start seeing prospects come into your account. The sooner
you register, the sooner we can start advertising in your
local area.

Why do I get prospects outside of my radius?

Note that
if you selected a zip code and ANY PART of that zip code
is within your radius, you will receive prospects from that
ENTIRE ZIP CODE, even if beyond your radius. Because zip code targeting on the internet is NOT EXACT, you may receive some prospects up to 10 miles outside of your selected radius

Your system initially showed 18 prospects in my
selected zip codes, but when I registered I only got
8 prospects. How come?

Some prospects select more than
one booklet, so these all show up on the
initial search page. If Mrs. Smith requested the Annuity
booklet AND Life Insurance booklet, she shows up as two
prospects on the initial search page. Once you get to the
registration page, Mrs. Smith appears as a single prospect,
so you are only billed once for Mrs. Smith. Any
prospect who has requested more than one booklet
type are "reduced" down
to one prospect before they are assigned to your account.

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