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Category: selling annuities

How Professional Designations Can Help You Sell Annuities

Published on March 5, 2009 in selling annuities by Bob Richards

The business of selling annuities is very competitive.  Not only are you competing with other annuity agents, but also with the possibility that the money from a potential client could be deposited into an IRA or a different retirement plan altogether.  Obviously, you want to be the one that the client entrusts with their money, Read more...

Javelin Marketing: Sell Annuities

Published on October 28, 2008 in annuity products, selling annuities by Bob Richards

Annuity companies offer a wide range of products for investors in different age groups and taking into consideration various other parameters. Selling an annuity product to an investor takes a great deal of effort on part of the company and the representative. Companies use various kinds of strategies to sell their annuity products. While some Read more...