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Annuity Leads-Prospects

Annuity Leads - Prospects

Use our booklet at no extra cost or your own literature

These people responded to the ad for the booklet "Six
Strategies to Help Retirees Reduce Taxes."
. (Click to see the annuity ad.) These folks want to cut their taxes, and the booklet contains six solutions using annuities. The solutions are presented in such a way as
not to appear to be a product pitch, but rather, strategic ways to cut
taxes that their CPA surely never explained.

Now all you do is send the booklet to these motivated annuity leads, and then follow up with the prospect by phone per the instructions and training that we provide you.

Because these prospects will have already received your booklet, you will find the call a warm call. You will be treated as an expert and not as a salesperson when you follow our instructions that we provide when you register for the annuity leads.

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Annuity Leads

You have a number of ways to generate annuity leads and will give you a free report on five ways to generate leads and give you some detail on the pros and cons of each method.

Of interest to us, is a wide misunderstanding by those who sell annuities on how to attract consumers who buy annuities. When researching for this article, we found that hundreds of agents search for these terms: “indexed annuity leads” “fixed index annuity leads.”

Because agents search on these terms, they obviously assume that consumers are searching for indexed annuities or fixed index annuities.  This is a mistaken belief. If you line up 100 consumers, they can be active investors, 99 of 100 will not know what is an indexed annuity.  So the fact that agents believe there are consumers searching for the products they sell, shows a complete lack of understanding of the buyer.

Not only do consumers not search for indexed annuities or fixed index annuities, but they also have never heard these terms or know anything about them. Consumers never go looking for annuities.  Annuities are a product you sell, not a solution in the mind of the consumer. The consumer doesn’t think the way you do and unless you understand that quickly, it doesn’t matter how you generate annuity leads, you won’t be successful.

Consumers think in terms of their needs. Such as:

While annuities may supply all of those benefits that consumers seek, you are trying to reach the consumer in an ass-backward way thinking that they go online searching for annuities.

So if you were to create your own annuity lead generation system, the keywords you would want to use in your advertisements, would be

lifetime income
retirement security
income you cannot outlive
retirement income

These are the terms people use when they go searching for solutions. While you are stuck in your product-focused haze in desperation to sell an annuity, you completely miss how the consumer thinks and how to do more business by speaking the consumer's language.

How Do You Get Annuity Leads?

There are five ways to generate annuity leads we have found successful:

We cover each of these methods of how do you get annuity leads in our report that you can get here.

Annuity Leads for Agents - the Key Success Factor

As stated above, the biggest hurdle for most annuity agents in generating annuity leads is understanding the consumer. Because until you really understand how their brain works and how they think about their financial life, you will never be able to create advertisements or effective marketing to attract those consumers.

The kinds of things you will never know to do effective marketing would be:

The biggest cost in generating annuity leads for agents is not the actual cost of the advertisement. It is the cost of learning how to be a an effective communicator and creating messages that get consumers to take action. Unless you have a natural knack for marketing, getting proficient at marketing can take 3 to 5 years, will require the study of maybe a dozen books on copywriting and reading maybe 100 blog posts until you have the expertise to effectively generate annuity leads for agents.

Annuity Leads Reviews - Using Annuity Lead Generation Services

Most reviews that you read on annuity lead services will be negative. Does that mean that annuity lead services do not work? We can't answer that question yet until you understand the nature of online annuity lead reviews.

Anyone who purchases annuity leads and has success will never take the time to go online and write about their success.  They have no incentive to do so. Nor do they want other agents in their own market to see their positive review and possibly become a competitor.  So who writes reviews that you'll see online? The people who were not successful. The people who want to complain. Those are the people who write reviews.

So before you even go look for any annuity leads reviews, expect to find 95% of the reviews being negative.

In our experience, we find that we get plenty of positive comments that come back directly to us. In other words, these annuity agents don't bother to go online, but they're nice enough to drop us an email or call and tell us of a positive experience.  We also get plenty of people with negative experiences. How can the same leads be both good for some people and bad for others? What do you suppose is the answer?

We have found that when it comes to annuity leads reviews, the review tells you more about the agent than about the leads.  We find that more than 80% of the time when we have an agent tell us of a negative experience, these agents have not watched our training videos, have not used our scripts and have ignored most of the instructions we have provided.  In addition, some agents are much better communicators than others. While one agent may tell you that a lead was terrible, another agent will tell you that the lead was good because he is a skilled communicator, followed our scripting, asked the right questions, and set an appointment with the prospect.  Of course, any agent that provides negative annuity leads reviews would never cop to the fact that the problem may be them.

Client Confidentiality

Client confidentiality is the principle that an institution or individual should not reveal information about their clients to a third party without the consent of the client or a clear legal reason. SeniorLeads respects this right of our clients, and will never give out personal contact information to a third party without express consent. Comments posted on this site are used with expressed consent, and agreement that personally identifiable information will not be divulged.