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Three Ways Of Getting Free Annuity Leads

As an annuity agent, the most crucial thing in your business is getting relevant annuity leads. A large number of people resort to buying annuity sales leads, but in many cases, even these leads might turn out to be useless. While there are a number of companies that do sell annuity leads, many of them just sell you a list of phone numbers and addresses of people who might not fall into your target consumer bracket at all. At the same time, there are others that collect targeted annuity leads that have higher chances of turning into conversions, but these leads can be quite costly.

As a newbie who is just starting out or even an old timer who is just plain fed up of paying for annuity leads that cost too much and deliver too little, you might be forced to think how good it would be if you could somehow get free annuity leads. In fact, with a little time and effort, you actually can. Some ways by which you can create your own database of annuity leads are:

Set Up An Information Website: By setting up an information website regarding annuity products, you can easily and quickly get a list of high end, high conversions leads. You can set up a website for free and include information on everything to do with annuities, ranging from selling structured settlement annuities to the annuity formula and annuity rates, and inform readers about how they can get the best annuity rates etcetera. Instead of making free registration compulsory, ask people to register and provide contact information if they need any further “free” guidance or counseling regarding annuities. You can be sure that anyone who shows this amount of interest in getting annuity related guidance is a lead that is very very promising. If you get leads outside your geographic area, you can also trade them with other agents in those areas.

Advertise In Local Newspapers: While this will not really cost you nothing, posting little flyers in local newspapers will cost you “next to nothing”, especially when compared to the huge amount that even a single high conversion lead will cost you. Instead of advertising an annuity program or selling annuities through your ad, try to sell a “free consultation with a financial expert” and when you do get an appointment, please try to behave like a financial consultant and not a salesman. Build trust in the people you meet, give them genuine information, and they will actually ask you to sell them your annuity programs. However, most people selling annuities fail at this stage because the pressure to sell gets to them. If it would not, they would all make much better and much wiser sellers.

Provide A Free Booklet: Once again, creating and printing a booklet that you can give away for free will cost you something, but even this cost would be phenomenally lesser than what you would otherwise pay for an interested “lead”. You can even buy a number of such annuity booklets online for a small price. Send them to people who voluntarily express an inclination to receive guidance about annuity products. You can gather these annuity sales leads by making people sign up to get a free information booklet on a website or in exhibitions, camps and seminars.

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