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Generate Sales Leads - a Comparison

I have been using [SeniorLeads] since last spring. I recently ran 3 lead programs simultaneously. A direct mail/appt setting program. Cost $85 per appointment. A telemarketing company calling off their own list, cost $110 per appointment, and [SeniorLeads]. My cost with [SeniorLeads] for 50 leads has been $900, with closed business so far of $365,000, and more still to come. I highly recommend [SeniorLeads] over any other lead source I've tried.

- Wayne, Glenarm, IL

Wayne calculates his cost to do business, which every advisor should do. Calculate your cost per prospect, cost per appointment and cost per $1000 of commissions or fees. When you do that, you will quickly see our least cost way to generate sales leads. search terms: generate sales leads

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