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Six Ways to Control Your Lead Flow

1. Eliminate prospect types (can only be done on the first and third Thursday of each month).

2. If your radius is over 10 miles, reduce to 10 miles (can only be done on the first and third Thursday of each month). Note that if you have selected the specific zip code option, rather than adjust the radius, you remove zip codes.

3. If your radius is already at 10 miles or less AND you have received MORE THAN 5 leads in 5 consecutive days including the date of your request, we will reduce your radius in half per your request (e.g. from 10 miles to 5 miles). Please create a support ticket and we will respond to your request. If you continue to receive more than 5 leads in the next consecutive 5 days following your radius reduction, we will then reduce again (e.g. from 5 miles to 3 miles) per your request. And if you continue to receive more than 5 leads in the following 5 consecutive days after the last radius reduction, we will reduce the radius to 2 miles. Please see example below. This paragraph does not apply to the specific zip code option.

4. Use the pause feature. If your account has been active for 30 days or more, the pause feature can be activated in your back office to temporarily pause leads (for up to 30 days). You must log in to activate this feature.

5. Switch from the typical radius configuration (central zip code with radius around it) to Option B -- the specific zip code option. You can make that change at any time (no need to wait until a first or third Thursday) by completing and returning this form https://www.seniorleads.com/resources/addendum-optionb.pdf

6. THERE IS NO WAY TO JUST TURN THE LEADS OFF AND ON AS WE PLACE YOUR ADS IN 2 WEEK INTERVALS AND PAY FOR THEM IN ADVANCE. Once placed, there is nothing that can be done until the end of the two-week interval. Note that you can use items 3, 4 and 6 above at ANY time to control your lead flow if they apply.

Example of our manual adjustment to your radius:
Here is an example lead flow below. Note that the date on each lead is the date placed in your account, not when you happened to login and notice the lead. This does not apply to the specific zip code option as you manually select your zips and must manage them accordingly.

Date Assigned Name Booklet
10/6/2014 20:34 Tina Weaver Annuity Prospects
10/5/2014 21:01 Robert Kabilian IRA and 401k Rollovers
10/5/2014 11:09 Kakarala Rao Retirees
10/4/2014 6:27 Sue Capasso Pre-retirees
10/2/2014 19:36 Sonia Nieves IRA and 401k Rollovers
10/2/2014 15:41 Marlene Naratil IRA and 401k Rollovers
9/30/2014 6:07 Rebecca Tisme Pre-retirees

Let's count back from the date of request from the advisor on October 7:

October 7, today: 0 leads
October 6: 1
October 5: 2
October 4: 1
October 3: 0

In the last 5 consecutive days, you have received 4 leads. When you receive more than 5 leads in a 5 days period (consecutive days), please notify us and we will be happy to reduce the radius.