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About Internet Leads

SeniorLeads Explains Internet Prospects and Leads

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wealthy pro-active investors and insurance buyers to contact you?

There are 32 million people age 65+ that control more than half of the wealth in the US. Of those mature investors and insurance buyers, millions regularly use the Internet and research shows that these 4 million Internet-savvy seniors are the most educated and affluent seniors in the US. And they leave their wealth to their 45-year-old children so we target our ads to people age 45+.

How are these prospects different?

What most companies call financial "leads" are simply names. You waste tons of your precious time calling 300 people to find the two that have interest. If these people did have interest at one time (maybe they filled out a survey at a county fair), the leads are several weeks old. This type of lead system is the typical time-wasting "high volume, low quality." Because your time is the most precious asset you have, we provide you leads that are from people who complete a request for financial information on the Internet.

You may only get three leads a week but you will get them within minutes of the senior completing the Internet form. Statistics show that people using the Internet are better educated and wealthier than those who do not (poor seniors can't afford a computer or Internet service). We call this lead service "low volume, high quality."

By advertising for you on the Internet items of interest to affluent seniors, we gather leads for you. Our ads rotate and appear on thousands of sites including CNBC, NY Times, USA Today, Facebook and across Google's network. We advertise in places affluent seniors visit on the Internet.

In an age of "Do Not Call Lists" and other restrictions, wouldn't it be great to have affluent seniors or their heirs contact you?

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