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Exclusive Annuity Leads

Leads for Annuity Agents and Advisors - Lead Source


Each Day We Get Dozens of Requests from
Our Annuity Ads on Facebook

Exclusive Annuity Leads - Advisors and Agents are Crushing it by Attracting Prospects
in the Easiest Way Possible

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These 55-69 year-olds are also the PERFECT new clients for:

Prospects see this sample Facebook Ad
(This is one of a dozen different ads we run for annuity prospects.
We have other ads directed at annuity owners, rollover prospects, money management, LTC, life, etc.)
exclusive annuity leads

Exclusive and Unique Annuity Lead

Anyone who responds to the ad and matches your selected zip codes - becomes your exclusive annuity lead (we supply you with the booklet offered in the ad). No matter how many agents or advisors we serve in an area, these are exclusive annuity leads and each prospect is matched with only one professional and we put that in a written guarantee.

To see this referral marketing system in action, please select a time on this calendar for a 20-minute live demonstration.

The great aspect of these responses is that they are direct from the consumer.

These are prime annuity leads. They want to know more.

Exclusive Annuity Leads Features:

  1. Are local to you (within 10 miles or a distance you select)
  2. Have requested information by supplying their name, email address,
    phone and street address and contact information is guaranteed accurate
  3. Are each matched with ONLY ONE producer - you will not need to
    compete for the business
To see this annuity marketing lead system in action, please select a time on this calendar for a 20-minute live demonstration.

Online Annuity Leads

These ads run on Facebook.  There are no third parties involved in collecting these leads. They are direct, genuine, and immediate.

Can you assist people in your local area with a new annuity or exchange an annuity? If yes, we would be happy to refer these consumers.

To see this annuity referral marketing system in action, please select a time on this calendar for a 20-minute live demonstration. Please use the same calendar if interested in lead generation for mature prospects who have other interests as offers for investing, life insurance, retirement planning, rollover advice, etc.




David Sage
VP Business Growth for Advisors and Agents

P.S.  We are not annuity wholesalers.  We do not get involved in the products you sell. We simply get you new clients.

25A Crescent Drive #1508 Pleasant Hill CA 94523 

Economics of these direct opt-in exclusive annuity leads

  • $32 per lead (each account has a one-time $299 fee for set-up and exclusivity)
  • You will close 1 out of 10 (2 out of 10 is more typical but we want to be conservative in our estimates)
  • Your investment for every 10 leads: $320
  • Value of one new client:  $2,000, $5,000, $10,000? (consider all of the business that the client will do with you over the next 10 years)
  • In the worst cases, we have found a 10 to 1 payoff of your investment - for every $100 you invest, you earn $1,000, on average over time

Exclusive Leads for Annuities Explained

We post Internet ads in places frequented by people over age 50, those people in the mature and senior market, most likely to buy an annuity from insurance lead generation.

In order to become a lead, these prospects must provide complete contact information: name, address, email and physical address. This information is then verified as accurate through a third-party service. Do we guarantee it?

Yes, we guarantee that the lead for annuity interest has an accurate name, phone and mailing address.  If you find any of this data is incorrect, you submit it through the online credit system and we will replace the lead once we verify that the data is not accurate.

Are These Insurance Leads Exclusive?

Do we guarantee it? Are these exclusive leads unique to you? Yes, these exclusive annuity leads' contact information is guaranteed in writing as follows: we replace any lead that does not have a valid name, a valid phone number or a valid physical address (when you mail the booklet as described on the video "How Does SeniorLeads Work?")

When you subscribe to SeniorLeads for annuity leads, we guarantee to match each annuity prospect with only one financial advisor or agent. Therefore, you won't call and have the prospect say, "You're the third one who called today." We share leads with only one producer and these leads are generated by us only for the advisors and agents using our system. So we really mean exclusive annuity leads.

Is the Lead Ready to Buy?

Every prospect will be at a different point in their buying decision. Some exclusive annuity leads will just be starting their research to determine if an annuity is right for them. This is a very good place to connect with a prospect because you can influence their annuity buying criteria and their ultimate decision. Others annuity leads may have already done a ton of research and have not yet purchased. The important thing is that once you talk to a prospect and find them to be a legitimate lead, DO NOT LOSE THEM.

Look at this research on consumer buying decisions. Just because a prospect does not buy today does not mean you should drop them. In fact, you can see that 2/3 of consumers who make an inquiry about a purchase have not bought six months later but still intend to buy.

annuity buyer behavior

Have you been losing these quality annuity leads by abandoning them too early?

How do you keep in contact with them and keep them warm? We developed two tools to keep your annuity leads warm:

  • an autoresponder email sequence that sends 8 emails (one email message every 4 days) to every lead,
  • a newsletter (automatically sends every 30 days) and you select the articles. So you can pack it just with annuity articles if you desire.  When you drip on these prospects, you encounter a high conversion rate of prospects to clients.

Frequent Questions About Leads for Annuities and Life Insurance

Do you set an annuity appointment for the agent or advisor?

No.  We have found that appointment-setting systems have a high rate of no-shows.  We find you have much greater success if you phone and make the appointment with the prospect (we recommend that you do not delegate first contact with these exclusive annuity leads to an assistant). We give you an innovative and effective script that results in 300% more appointments. Because you first send the personalized booklet to your leads before you call, and establish your credibility, you will find these annuity leads to be receptive.

Will you be generating qualified annuity prospects?

"Qualified Lead" to one producer may mean $50,000 of investment funds while to another producer, it may mean $250,000.  Using the terms qualified annuity leads or high-quality annuity leads is subjective to the professional working annuity leads. We do know this about the prospects in general.  On average, they have a net worth of $250,000 to $750,000 exclusive of their luxury home.   You will encounter leads who have less and those that have more.  Just like any prospecting method you have used in the past, there will be a full range of leads, poor to rich, highly motivated to less motivated, educated to uneducated. Every lead prospecting system produces a range of potential annuity buyers.  You can see and hear reports from advisors using these leads.

Do your ads offer an annuity quote - abcleads ?

No.  You don't want to offer a quote and get into a rate competition for the prospect's business by offering online annuity leads quotes.  We set you up as a premier professional so that the prospect buys based on trust, not rate. We want to produce leads that will not be price shoppers or price sensitive.

Can I send these prospects invitations to my annuity seminars?

YES!  The leads we generate will be local to you.  In our experiments, we find that 1/3 of these people attended a seminar when we kept inviting them over a few months.  It is wise to depend on lead generation not only for an immediate annuity sale but to gain prospects that may also buy other services such as life insurance, and investment management and attend seminars/webinars, and can be a referral source.

Do You Have a Marketing and Sales Track to Follow?

We have very detailed resources to maximize the potential of every lead:

Can I sell other products such as indexed universal life or mortgage insurance to these people?

Of course.  Our system generates the annuity lead - a prospect who responds to an ad offering the annuity booklet.  The prospect does not know what they want to buy because they have little or no knowledge about annuities.  Prospects from annuity lead generation only know they have a need such as to earn more interest, keep money safe for retirement, reduce, taxes, etc.  We do the marketing to attract these leads.  You do the selling which is to uncover the prospect's desires and recommend the solution that you feel works best. Any prospect is a cross-selling lead opportunity - health insurance leads, life insurance leads, even auto insurance leads. whether from Internet radio or tv sources.

From an annuity lead, you can often uncover opportunities to sell health insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance, and other financial products and services.

What Type of Annuity do I Offer These leads?

This is a bad question focused on the product, the annuity, and not the lead.  Your job, no matter what type of prospecting you do, is to ask questions and uncover desires. Based on the answers, you will then be able to determine what type of annuity fits the consumer's situation and interest best:

So it is best if you offer a range of different products because you never know which type of annuity or insurance product may fit.

The lead does not know an annuity from an IRA.  Consumers know almost nothing about annuities, insurance, or any financial product.  These are simply people from Facebook, Twitter, Google that happened to have an interest in an offer for information.  They look to you for recommendations.  The annuity products you sell are tools.  Does a consumer who wants a home addition care what tools the carpenter uses?  Similarly, the consumers will have certain desires and do not care about the tool you use to fulfill their desires.  So it is best not to focus on specific annuity or insurance products and let the answers to your questions guide your recommendations.

More Background Before You Buy Annuity Leads

Selling annuities can be challenging for financial advisors and agents without access to quality annuity leads. – or a systematic process to generate annuity buyers.

Annuity leads are not only those who have expressed interest in purchasing an annuity. In fact, very few prospects go looking to purchase an annuity.  Prospects seek the solutions that annuities provide such as safety of principal, retirement income and certainty. Many advisors and agents overlook these leads that have general interest thinking that the only good annuity lead is someone looking to buy an annuity.

These leads can come from various sources, such as referrals, marketing campaigns, or online searches. Annuity leads can be categorized into different types based on their quality and exclusivity.

One type of annuity lead is the exclusive annuity lead. Exclusive annuity leads are only sold to one financial advisor or agent, ensuring that they have no competition for the sale. These leads are usually generated through direct mail campaigns or targeted online ads. However, exclusive annuity leads are usually more expensive than non-exclusive leads.

Another type of annuity lead is the preset appointment lead. Preset appointment leads are individuals who have agreed to meet with a financial advisor or agent at a specific time and place to discuss annuity products. These leads are highly qualified and have already expressed interest in purchasing an annuity.

Annuity leads for advisors and agents are essential for growing their businesses. Without a steady stream of quality leads, financial advisors and agents may struggle to meet their sales goals. The best annuity leads are those that are exclusive, highly qualified, and come from reputable sources.

There are many companies that offer annuity leads for sale. However, not all annuity lead companies are created equal. It is important to do your research and read annuity lead reviews before purchasing leads from a particular company. The best annuity lead companies will provide high-quality leads that are exclusive, prequalified, and reasonably priced.

Annuity lead generation is the process of generating new leads for financial advisors and agents. There are several ways to generate annuity leads, including direct mail campaigns, online marketing, and referrals. Many financial advisors and agents also buy annuity leads from lead generation companies.

Online annuity leads are becoming more popular as more people use the internet to research and purchase financial products. Online annuity leads can be generated through targeted advertising on social media platforms or search engines. Financial advisors and agents can also purchase online annuity leads from lead generation companies.

In conclusion, annuity leads are essential for financial advisors and agents to grow their businesses and meet their sales goals. The best annuity leads are exclusive, highly qualified, and come from reputable sources. Financial advisors and agents should do their research and read annuity lead reviews before purchasing leads from a particular company. Additionally, annuity lead generation can help financial advisors and agents generate new leads and grow their businesses.

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