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SeniorLeads Training Videos

Watch these videos.  Then, if you need support

(please do not email to get support or your email will get lost--use the above link or the link in your back office.  We want to help you FAST, so please use the system we have created for you. Do not contact your sales consultant as they do not get trained in support - we have a dedicated department for that.


Training Videos
How to Follow Up On Your Prospects Guide
Request Support
How to Get Your Calls Answered
Copy of Agreement You Signed

If you skip watching these videos you will fail with the system. Additionally, as in your agreement, you cannot get replacements for leads unless you watch the consulting call video. At the end of that video, we include a question which you must answer as evidence that you watched the video.

 How to set your email so that you do not miss any of our emails.
Please make the setting before proceeding to the other videos.
Run Time 3 minutes



This video explains how to manage your account and where
to find important controls.  Run Time 3:34



CRITICAL elements of using the system:  the issues for which
we get the greatest number of questions
and misunderstandings. Run Time 10:51



How to Make Changes to Your Account:
your profile, credit card, radius, and prospects types.
Run Time 7:35



Six Ways to Control Your Lead Flow:
Remember from the agreement--it is your responsibility to
control your own lead flow as we do not control it.
Here are all of your options explained.
Run Time 6:03



Two Tips to Improve Your Results.
This video shows you a common error to avoid when calling the
prospect and how to give us feedback on each lead.  Run Time 6:54



How to Get Credits for Leads That Fail the Guarantee,
see and print your billing details, and track
your prospects. Run Time 9:15



Run Time 8:46



Making Your Booklets and Using the Auto-Send Feature
Run Time 7:30



How to Get Fast Support and Use the Extra Resources
Run Time 7:28



Consulting Call Recording.
The marketing and sales aspects of the system:
how to convert the largest number of leads to appointments.
You may recall from your agreement that you just watch this video
to qualify for lead credits.
How do we know if you watch the video completely?
There is a question you will see at the beginning of the video.
However, you cannot answer the question until the end of the video.
Once you submit the answer, we then have verification that
you watched the video. When asked for your email address,
use the same email address as in your Seniorleads account.
Run Time 36 minutes

Click here to re-read the agreement you
signed to be sure you know:

  • Our responsibilities
  • Your responsibilities


Client Confidentiality

Client confidentiality is the principle that an institution or individual should not reveal information about their clients to a third party without the consent of the client or a clear legal reason. SeniorLeads respects this right of our clients, and will never give out personal contact information to a third party without express consent. Comments posted on this site are used with expressed consent, and agreement that personally identifiable information will not be divulged.