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Watch these videos.  Then, if you need support

Please do not email to get support or your email will get lost--use the above link or the link in your back office.  We want to help you FAST, so please use the system we have created for you. Do not contact your sales consultant as they do not get trained in support - we have a dedicated department for that. As stated in the agreement you signed, there is no phone support--support is all completed on the Internet.


Training Videos  https://seniorleads.com/training
How to Follow Up On Your Prospects Guide
Request Support  https://seniorleads.com/help
How to Get Your Calls Answered
Copy of Agreement You Signed  https://seniorleads.com/agreement

May 30, 2019 software change:

Videos below may state that you can pause your account any day after your account is active for 30 days. Now, you can only start a pause to your account on any Thursday after your account is active for 30 days.

If you skip watching these videos you will fail with the system. Additionally, as in your agreement, you cannot get replacements for leads unless you watch the consulting call video. At the end of that video, we include a question which you must answer as evidence that you watched the video.

Whitelist our email address

How to set your email so that you do not miss any of our emails. Please make the setting before proceeding to the other videos. Run Time 5:22

Seniorleads Overview

Seniorleads Overview - quickly learn all aspects of the system. Run time 3:36

Critical Issues

These are the most critical issues that advisors miss when they fail with Seniorleads Run time 10:19 

Make Changes to Your Account

How to make changes to your prospect types, radius and other settings Run time 7:36

Six Ways to Control Lead Flow

How to control your lead flow--only YOU can control your lead flow, Seniorleads has NO CONTROL Run time 6:05

Two Tips to Improve Your Results

Do this to improve your results Run Time 6:53

How to Get Credits for Leads

How to get leads replaced that fail the Seniorleads guarantee Run Time 4:20

Booklets and Autosend

How to Personalize Booklets and Use Autosend Feature Run time 7:47


How to handle compliance issues Run Time 8:48

How to Get Fast Support

Need Help?  Don't call your sales consultant. He cannot help you. Run Time 7:03

Consulting call

Watch this video to qualify for lead replacements Run Time 32:45

How to Use the Autoresponder

The autoresponder will send an email every 4 days to your leads to keep them warm and hopefully, have them call you