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Annuity Seminars-Top Method of Annuity Marketing

If you’ve developed the opinion that annuity seminars don’t work for marketing annuities, you're wrong.

Annuity seminars don’t work when they are done incorrectly. But make a few changes, and you can have 50 people, every time, attend to hear your presentation.

The first issue is matching your message to the market. It’s a simple idea that many annuity agents skip, assuming they know their audience. For example, let’s assume you want to market your annuity seminar to people age 60 and over. To develop a winning seminar invitation, you need to know how these 60+ investors think. You cannot assume that your 60+ market thinks like you do. If you’re 45 years old, you probably want to know about opportunities to make money grow. But people over 60 (in most cases) are not focused to make more money. They care about preserving their capital. Their biggest concern is fear of losing principal. So is it any wonder that your opportunity-oriented seminar titled, “How to Earn More with Annuities,” doesn’t get much of a response?

You could triple your attendance with the right title, such as “Six Ways To Cut Taxes and Protect Your Nest Egg.” This title appeals directly to their fear (i.e. not having enough) and will pull in the attendance from a 60+ audience. Whichever target market you choose, you really need to know their most significant emotional concern and with pre-retirees and retirees the concerns are about preservation and having enough. If you can title a seminar addressing the major concern(s) of your target audience, you have half of the battle won. If you’re not sure, then do some interviews and find out what's really on the mind of your target prospects.

And please, don't have the word "annuity" or "annuities" on your invitation.  Annuity prospectsdon't want a sales pitch. If your annuity seminar looks like a sales pitch for annuities, no qualified annuity prospect will attend. Prospects want benefits.  So make sure your title conveys the benefits they will learn about: preserving capital, keeping money safe, having enough for a life time, saving taxes and having more to spend, reduced financial worry and peace of mind.


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