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Annuity Newsletter Gains Clients with Little Work

Most articles in this annuity blog concern generating annuity leads.  But what you do with those leads is critical.  Unfortunate, many agents are hit and run: they make a presentation and if they don't get the annuity sales, they're off to the next prospect.  But be honest, this loses a lot of potential business because if you had a way to keep many of these prospects warm, they would become buyers.

If you’re honest to yourself, you admit that less than 50% and likely less than 20% of your prospects become clients.  Of all the people you have spoken with, who you considered a potential client, most never convert to business.  And it’s mostly your fault.  If you have not dripped on them with an annuity newsletter, why should they remember you or call you when they have some money to invest?  They have hundreds of distractions in life and when the desire or need for an annuity becomes compelling, they will call the first person they remember or the first person who grabs them down at the local bank.

That first person could be you if they received your annuity newsletter in the last 30 days.
Sending an annuity newsletter has several benefits:

  • It keeps reminding prospects that you are available and ready to help—they remember you because they see your name and photo (on the newsletter face page) every 30 days
  • It continually shows off your knowledge, expertise and breadth of resources with articles each month that cover a different insurance topic with the design to educate and not sell the prospect
  • The continual monthly dripping shows staying power—that you are a fixture in the community that can be relied upon to be there, that you are reliable
  • If the articles are correctly constructed with a call to action and an offer, prospects will call you and setting appointments when the prospect calls is easy.

Here’s the report from other agents:

"The very best money I have ever spent in my business is the annuity newsletter...it never fails to generate $15-20k of commissions each mailing."

"Then out of the blue he says to me 'you know, I've been reading your annuity newsletters, and I really like them. I'm going to switch all my accounts over to you.' About two weeks later we met. ...His total accounts were almost $500,000. Now he just referred a doctor friend of his to me, and I'm seeing him next week."

As summarized in the Norvax Insurance Agent newsletter, "A lot of your prospects aren’t ready to buy that very first time you touch them. Drip marketing keeps you in the running to make that sale."  Capture the annuity sales that now slip through your fingers by sending your prospects and clients a monthly annuity newsletter and watch business flow in.


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