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Category: annuity marketing

How to Sell Annuities

Published on October 21, 2008 in annuity marketing, annuity selling by Bob Richards

The market for selling annuities is massive and, potentially, extremely lucrative. Consider the millions of people who retire each year, and have surplus funds that they want to invest, or those that become wealthy early and want to make sure their funds are used to grow, not decline in value. But the methods of selling Read more...

Annuity Marketing

Published on October 17, 2008 in annuity marketing by Bob Richards

An annuity marketing firm will help in selling annuities to investors. There are innumerable firms across the country who help insurance companies and their agents to sell annuities. These wholesalers or distributors are referred to as independent marketing organizations or field marketing organizations or master general agents. Let us find out what are the annuity Read more...